Aaron The Fox is a roleplay character by Jadenyuki93.  He is the master of Rinku The Echidna and Ares The Echidna.                                             

Aaron The Fox

Appearance Edit

Aaron is a fox with black and grey fur, he also has spiky red fur on his head.  His left eye is yellow and his right eye is dark blue.  The tip of his tail also has red streaks on it.  He wears red gloves, green boots, and camo pants.  


Aaron the Fox is a clone created from the DNA of Tails the fox and Shadow the hedgehog.  He was designed to be evil and kill but Aaron the Fox chose to do good.  

Aaron adopted two orphaned echidnas, Rinku and Ares and taught them how to fight evil.


Aaron has super strength and speed, he can also jump very high.  His other power is that he shoots energy beams from his hands and also has X-Ray vision.