Fan character Slade by PyroZ3r0


He is the main antagonist of the sonic mystery project. He is seen on the Waku Waku Course as the first enemy but he is very weak. But then he is very strong when he is the last enemy in the Waku Waku Course and can get to be evil people if you choose wrong. He is playable in the Hara Hara course. If you get the good ending as him he conquers the whole world!


He has a evil-like personality. He despises humans and captures them to turn them into animals. He hates nice and doesn't like good people and has the power to convince good people to be evil.


He has a gothic/emo apearance he has a lot of gray straps wears a lot of white and a gray shirt under, some straps are red. Also his tail is white and has blue hair and black and white wings.