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Super Hedgehog is a form that Sonic can transform into in the game Sonicball Z which is a crossover between

Sonic in his Super Hedgehog Form in Sonicball Z

Sonic and Dragonball Z. When Sonic turns into a Super Hedgehog, his fur changes yellow and his eyes become green. He can also do attacks that he can't do in his normal form like the Sonic Hame Ha attack or the Sonic Bomb attack. When Sonic is in his Super Hedgehog form he is faster, stronger, and can jump high.

Video Games: When goes Super Sonic *Gets all Chaos Emeralds* Turns Gold like and yellow arua around him.  rings start you count down if all rings are gone he will turn back to Normal Sonic. *Watch out! when rings are 0 you'll die!*

Super Sonic has been in many games! Other Characters can go super some can't!

Super Sonic in Sonic Unleashed