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Team Element is a team consisting of Nekuyo The Echidna, P.S. The Tribal Bear, and Chinoka the Fox.

How the team was formed

The all met when they all journed to the top of Mnt. Krakanak. Nekuyo went there to defeat Leroin the Chameleon, who killed his parents Doensat and Kinakes, and his brother Megnis. Chinoka went there to find his sister who was kidnapped. And P.S. went there to get the Ultimate Ring, which will give him the power to go super at any time as long as it is in his own possesion. They all teamed up to accomplish their goals. Along the way they became friends and eventually acomplished their goals and now they are all living together in Blue Ridge Zone in a large house inhereted by Magnus after his parents died.

Super Forms

  • Darkness Nekuyo
  • UltimateFire P.S.
  • Moonlight Chinoka
  • GreatIce Sarcoma


Nekuyo is a gray echidna who was born in Blue Ridge Zone and grew up with his brother Megnis, and his parents Doensat and Kinakes. When he was 17 Leroin the Chameleon murdered them in cold blood.

The team

The teams friends/helpers

The Teams Enemies


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