Tynic Quotes

"Ah Yeah That's right Baby, Im The Best"- Favorite Quote

"Yes I Did It"

" Good I Guess "

" Eh.. You can't win them all "

" Dang It, I got try harder "

" No"

"Bring It On"

" I fight for truth and justice "

" At Least you can try to beat people"

" We're a Team"

" You can Do It"

" I fight For truth and justice - Hero Quote

" I had enough of This"

Fighting RanksEdit

Z Rank : This is Tye *Puts his sword on his back* Returning to Base

S Rank: *throws sword* Ha You aren't Worth The Challenge

A Rank : Better luck next time{( Name)}

B Rank- hmph , Pretty Good I guess

C Rank - Could done better

D Rank: BOOOO, That's a failare 

F Rank: *turns around* Faliure is not an option anymore

Supah FormEdit

Z Rank : Ha  and I wasn't even Trying

S rank: Same as the first S Rank


B Rank: Damn, I got to try hard

C Rank : DammitI can't have this happen again

D Rank : *turns To normal* Losing, No, I can't



S Rank: *falls like a red meteor* I'm Back, Better Ever

A Rank: *Jumps out of his plane* Ha Better

B: Better Than expected, but ok

C:  I've Need to Do Better Than That

D:*pound his hand 3 times on the Ground*DAMMIT,{[Name]}

F: DAMMIT How could I let this happen

Supah Form and  Ultimate flash formEdit

S:Ha Nailed It

A:Better luck Next

B: Bet if it would Be better

C: Could of done better

D and F : DAMN, How could I Let this happen

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