Zane is a tails doll that was recreated from the destroyed parts of the original tails doll after the events of tails nightmare

"I dont want to fight,but if its my only option,I am a worthy opponent" - Normal battle quote

"I told you so..." victory quote

"I knew i'd lose,I always lose" - Loss quote

"FORGIVE ME" - When using either his fatality,Critical edge or one of his EX skills


Zane is a care-free and at times hotheaded guy who is pretty imature

Powers and abilitiesEditEdit

Bold = Fatality italic = critical edie CAPS = EX skill

Lucky knives = He throws some knifes in the air,they then land on the victim,cutting of his/her body parts

Spinning murder = He takes out a turret and knocks it upwards into the target's face,he then thrusts it into there chest and starts shooting,spinning them and killing them in the process

List of Fanfics/roleplays/fangames he has appeared in/will appear inEditEdit

He has not appeared in anything but will appear as a neutral character in the 3d ancient battle chapte